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2002-Apr-16, 11:40 AM
I added a comment and a recommendation for JayUtah's Clavius site.

Roy Batty
2002-Apr-18, 04:10 PM
Hmmn.. judging by the host's comments this seems to be another site thats not really part of the internet at all. Silly me /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

2002-Apr-18, 04:22 PM
No fun there, isnt really a discussion even, just a 'silly comment' as 'Gina' puts it.

Suggest ya all just save your ammo for the real HBers.

Roy Batty
2002-Apr-18, 04:28 PM
I guess, no point barging in when it's been made clear we're not welcome.. but Jeesh, dont people realise that websites are connected to the big bad world & accessible by search engines?! If they dont want 'outsiders' they should but up a warning or something! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

2002-Apr-18, 04:39 PM
that's one of the things I suggested 'Gina' should do /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif

Art Vandelay
2002-Apr-18, 07:03 PM
"Gina" doesn't even know what gender he/she is so how can you expect her to know anything about Apollo, the internet, etc?

2002-Apr-19, 04:25 AM
Well looks like 'Gina' didnt appreciate the extra attention, and removed that little topic from the site.

William the Conqueror
2002-Apr-19, 05:26 AM
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2002-Apr-19, 08:25 AM
Hello. I have registered on this BBS specifically to reply to some of the comments made in this thread and in my friend Gina's blog. I have to say that I have been less than impressed with some of the comments that have been made by posters to this site, which rather saddens me as I fully support the goals behind it. I have also been saddened by some of the prejudice that has been displayed here.

I have a degree in astronomy. I am transgendered. I do not find that there is a connection between these two things. I love space and astronomy deeply, and when Gina commented (in a light-hearted way) about the so-called Moon Hoax, I decided to make a few points back, and linked to this site as a place where she could get a logical rebuttal of the points made in the programme she was referring to.

I did not do this to invite a harangue from people who appear to be as close-minded on this and other subjects as those who claim that the lunar landings were faked. While all sites on the internet are linked and are accessible to all- Gina is well aware of this, as she works in web design- that is not an invitation to invade a website, warp the purpose for which it was create and then insult the creator by ignoring any written or unwritten rules tha apply there. Gina is fully within her rights to close this topic- it is her website.

By your actions, you have alienated someone who might very well have been interested in the subject which I assume all of us here love- astronomy- by a less confrontational attitude, and to allow personal prejudice to intrude into what should be purely a factual and logical discussion is inexcusable. Zealotry is always ugly and counter-productive, no matter the cause.

I will not respond to any replies or comments made to this post. I will not post on this board again. Please think in future before you invade another person's website again.


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Roy Batty
2002-Apr-19, 08:45 AM
I'd already decided to follow Gina's wishes & not post again on her website. If my post above regarding search engines etc was considered offensive then I apologise, sorry. I wont comment further on this thread either, except to say by & large this board doesnt condone flaming & the BA takes a v. dim view of it.
I hope Gina & the others will still use the rest of the site as a reference point at least.

William the Conqueror
2002-Apr-19, 09:23 AM
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2002-Apr-19, 09:25 AM
Sorry, the owner of this blog has banned your ip address from posting comments


oh and Mel, if you're listening, please tell Gina to read the small printed Disclaimer on that site.

"DISCLAIMER: All editorial content on this website is strictly not the writerís/authorís opinion. THE MAD REVISIONIST, located on the moon, is owned and operated by accident. The content of this page is the copyrighted property of THE MAD REVISIONIST. Any illegal copying or circulating of this page, in whole or in part, without the expressed permission of THE MAD REVISIONIST will be taken as a compliment. And no, we're not really offering $100,000. What are you, crazy?"

2002-Apr-19, 02:24 PM
Since I manage a couple of sites and dabble in Web design, I feel I should address a couple of Web-specifics from Mel.

While all sites on the internet are linked and are accessible to all- Gina is well aware of this, as she works in web design...

Then Gina should be aware that it is possible to protect a site, requiring a password or cookie to access it. Even search engines that post images of pages (like Google) are prevented from doing so.

A decision needs to be made on how "public" you want the site to be. You can allow anyone to view a page, but restrict those allowed to post messages (as this site does).

... Gina is fully within her rights to close this topic- it is her website.

Absolutely. However, Gina might consider posting an explanation, "Thread removed because..." or "Message removed because..." just to avoid/answer shouts of censorship (again, as this site does).

Note: This advice would normally cost you, but, hey, we're all friends here. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Art Vandelay
2002-Apr-19, 03:46 PM
I guess I must have gone to far in my last post...I've been blogged! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif