View Full Version : Titan's interior?

2010-Apr-21, 09:05 PM

ISTR that there was some puzzlement about Titan's eccentricity being higher (or lower) than expected, possibly because of its internal structure and how that dissipates tidal friction. Does anyone know if this new model solves that problem?

2010-Apr-23, 04:03 PM
nobody knows?

John Jaksich
2010-Apr-24, 05:15 PM
EDG_ : I just saw an on-line seminar on Titan the other day I will try to find it... the data is fairly current

John Jaksich
2010-Apr-24, 05:44 PM
It is on youtube and was delivered by Dr. Jeff Moore at the SETI institute in Northern California. Dr. Moore is a researcher from NASA Ames. It was posted on youtube on April 22, 2010


2010-Apr-25, 12:38 AM
cool, thanks for that!