View Full Version : Defective celestron 25x100 skymaster

2010-Apr-22, 01:10 PM
Hey guys,
I have a defective 25x100 sky master. There are 2 defects which are as follows :-

1) The eyepeace cap has come-off.
2) I think there is a collimation problem here... The view out of the left scope is slightly lower than the view out of the right scope.

I got this binocular shipped to me in India. Although the people have agreed to replace my binocular sending it back to USA is a expensive deal. I was just wondering if i had any options here.... (maybe i could repair it myself?)

Looking forward to your ideas on this matter.

[P.S. :- Sorry if my question has been posted before, I tried searching.]

2010-Apr-22, 06:23 PM
Not sure what you can do about the eyepiece, but the collimation issue might be more problematic. I bought my 25X100's from a shop that was able to verify that the collimation was within spec on my pair. The shop owner told me he sends back like 50% of the 25X100 celestron binocs he gets because the collimation is off.

The 'send them back' option might be your best for getting these issues resolved, even if it's expensive.

What kind of mount will you be using with your 25X100's once they're operating correctly? I use a Universal Astronomics heavy duty unimount which works quite well. It cost more than the bincos; though a stable mount for large binocs is very important.

I did a bit of research and found this information very useful regarding binocular collimation: http://www.cloudynights.com/item.php?item_id=416