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2004-Mar-19, 11:45 PM
To eburacum:
WTF is it? We've got a picture of some guy in a body suit having his eyes blown out and a link to an explanation of the major components of the exceptionally cool Sensai's Midgard Habitat. That's all we know. What is Orion's Arm: Ascension about? And more importantly, how big is the habitat?

While I'm on the subject of OA, do you ever have problems with the god squad?

2004-Mar-21, 02:49 AM
Orion's Arm is cool.

2004-Mar-21, 08:56 AM
Ascension is a space opera which we are hoping to write in episode form set on Midgard and elsewhere; we have the characters, and most of the first episode, but Alan the main writer of the serial has been busy with his palaeontology project this past week or so.

In a week or two the first episode should appear; I am not so involved in this project, as I have a long story-arc of my own nearly completed.

As a collaborative project anyone interested can join and add input; it only needs to stay within the universe ground rules- no ftl, no bumpy-headed humanoid aliens etcetera.

The god squad? No real problems yet; some members are nonfundamentalist Christians and like CS Lewis find the universe a testament to the works of the creator; some are transhumanists and are more concerned with the transformation of mankind.
We had a Raelian once, communists and nazis have also briefly made trouble then been booted off- a fairly typical net community.

2004-Mar-24, 01:24 PM
Hey eburacum, thanks to you I recently stumbled across Orion's Arm - and I'm very impressed by the unbelievable size of that project. Now, I'd really like to contribute and even already signed up onto Orion's Arm Cafe discussion group but everytime I try to get to know the basics - you know : history, races, technological evolution - of the OA's universe I simply get stuck in all this information. One thing leads to another, the whole information is branching out and eventually I forget where I started and what I wanted to know in the first place :) . Also because of my studies at the university I haven't had the time he to figure out how get "the big picture" as soon as possible.

Do you have any suggestions for someone who doesn't have all the time in the world on how to approach OA ?

Thx very much in advance,

2004-Mar-24, 01:44 PM
When the primer is finished, I will post a link; it is in the final stages now...