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2004-Mar-21, 12:30 PM
I don't really know how I find these websites, but here's one that give a new spin on the Sedna deal:
Scroll down to: "Planet X Update-Is Sedna Planet X?". Well , they're not too sure either, but they do spin a good tale. Since the Guv knows all about it, it could be a "decoy" object! Also, what is this "Disclosure Project"? (anyone know?). These articles throw in everything but the kitchen sink, including the Bible. It's actually scarier then Nancy's scenario, but I'll assume it's all woo-woo. There's also the bit (again) about all the secret scientists going down to Antacrtica. The upshot, according to whoever these people are, is PX comes in 2007. Darn, what happened to 2012? :)

2004-Mar-21, 01:34 PM
gezzzz, I might have missed em in they were in there, but all that place needs is bigfoot and Nessie -- OH -- and the usual Aliens Built the Pyramids.
Definately over the top.
And the site design really needs revamping. I guess though that black backgrounds and bright red and yellow BIG letters make everything written really important. Sheesh.


2004-Mar-21, 02:03 PM
Since the Guv knows all about it, it could be a "decoy" object!

"They" might be trying to attract other planets into our solar system to take advantage of their oil resources.

"Disclosure Project"?

That one is, I believe Dr. Stephen Greer, or one of the other UFO groups. Their basic premise is that the Gubbermint is hiding UFO contact data, and they want the Gov. to come clean, and admit they have been misleading us since 1947.

This site looks like someone took the entire content of C2C, rolled it into a giant cigarette paper, and smoked it. [-X

I just and went and...visited this site :o

It's worse than I thought. Or better than I thought. Debunking this one would take time. They have almost every form of woo-woo you could imagine.

I smell woo-woo food #-o

2004-Mar-22, 03:26 PM
However the very name "Sedna" is named after an Inuit Goddess of the ocean, and the ocean may produce floods, and the ancients always related massive ocean activity with the passing of heavenly bodies near earth.
So if instead it was named Ralph we would have all had upset stomachs?

So we have Senda sitting on the solar system pond, while NASA waits with their guns for other planets to fly in. :lol:

Two large telescopes are now in operation 24/7/365 Wow, that's cool, they can use these telescopes in the middle of the day! Must be using radio astronomy to track PX/Sedna.

A large number of COMETS have been coming in from the SOUTH and hitting the SUN. It is causing SOLAR UNREST and INSTABILITY. This in turn is causing more and more energy to be absorbed by the Earth, and like a pressure cooker hitting up, the pressure beneath the mantel is building, causing more and more EARTHQUAKES and VOLCANOES to occur.
So wait, comets hitting the sum cause volcanoes? :o

Rc2000, you didn't scroll down far enough.

Brain melt down, can't take any more.......

2004-Mar-22, 08:06 PM
Well, after reading that, MY brain has melted. ....Drooling at breakfast, put my socks on my ears, etc. Having to have someone else type this for me... :D