View Full Version : ChView Any experts?

2010-May-19, 11:35 PM
Anyone here who has experience with that nice program ChView. It allows 3d-projection of nearby stars, but is a little bit outdated.

I have actual information on the stars here, but it seems to be difficult to get the format of the database to convert the data into the ChViewformat.

Any ideas?

2010-May-20, 12:10 AM
On the bottom of this page (http://chview.nova.org/chview/chv4.htm) in the ChView website, two data formats are offered. One is an ASCII format that seems at first glance to be relatively straight forward. The other, a binary format, seems a bit more complex, and resembles (again at first glance) Pascal binary data. I'm not sure if you need a ChView expert or rather someone with solid knowledge of all variables involved, and how to convert them. In finding someone with required skills: which file format are you using, and why is it difficult to get working? How does your source data look?

2010-May-22, 10:37 AM

The data and their conversion is not a problem

The problem was a wrong divider (wrong ascii number), so the data format was not correct.

Thanks a lot!