View Full Version : Geology-hydrology of The Bay Area Question.

2010-May-20, 07:05 PM
I had a weird dream the other day.

A huge megathrust earthquake sealed the entrance to San Francisco Bay to an altitude of three hundred feet. I'm sure that would rate into the "nines". I blame the meds. I rode out the quake on a 40 foot sailboat and ended up in downtown San Jose somewhere. Oddly enough, there were kangaroos present as well. (Just to keep things surreal, yo'.)

I was wondering,

Given the inflow from all the rivers feeding into the Bay how fast the basin would noticably fill.

And where the next likely outflow to the ocean be?

How far north and south would the flooding go before a new natural outlet could be found?

How soon would the flooding surpass the earthquake itself for damage?

Would that be a time to use a demolition nuke?

2010-May-20, 09:36 PM
Santa Rosa is about 200 feet above sea level, so I would guess the next out flow would be down the Russian River Valley