View Full Version : Transuranium Elements (1963)

2010-May-26, 02:48 AM
It had been a while, but this one is great. It more of less shows on how and why they put the Transuranium Elements where they put them on the periodic table. And has a couple of the "big names" of element discovering (like Burris Cunningham and Stanly Thompson). And if you are in need of a good sleep, this may help you as well.

Note: this is loading a little slow, so you may want to give it a bit before you watch(though it may be my connection). And as I posted before though this is a clean video not all things on this site are ok for all viewers. So keep in mind if searching for other things.


2010-Jun-02, 06:44 AM
Neat-o. Checking it out.