View Full Version : Galaxies Like Grains of Sand in New Herschel Image

2010-May-26, 11:40 PM
Wow. Just wow. Each of the colored dots in this new image from the Herschel telescope is a galaxy containing billions of stars. These are distant luminous infrared galaxies, and appear as they did 1012 billion years ago, packed together like grains of sand on a beach, forming large clusters of galaxies [...]

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2010-May-27, 04:49 AM
As soon as Herschel took the picture, they all scattered again.

2010-May-27, 01:49 PM
WOW. Such images make me feel really tiny.

2010-May-27, 09:12 PM
WOW. Such images make me feel really tiny.
I also.

I went about today thinking things like "It's so hot today, I'm so sweaty" and "A 79 on my progress report? I might not get into Yale!", but then I look at a picture like that and I realize how stupid all of those thoughts are and how little they really matter.