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2010-May-27, 05:25 AM
I think it should be possible to add a night's sky to google street view, showing the accurate position of the stars real time(night or day)...

The street scene could be darkened, although I'm not sure how the software will define the sky as opposed to the roof tops(etc). Maybe that wouldn't matter too much.

The sun could be could a life sized circle in the day, but with a black star filled sky.

Or has this been done?

2010-May-27, 05:39 AM
Do you mean basically like a merger between Google Streetview and Google Sky?

2010-May-27, 05:56 AM
I hadn't used google sky, but yes I suppose....but with the Sun, Moon and other planets.

eta: plus labeling option, and other information, or links to information.

2010-May-27, 08:01 AM
It would be nice. Hey, if Google want to crank up that project I'm willing to leave my job and work on it for them.

*anyone at Google listening?*

2010-May-27, 09:23 AM
*anyone at Google listening?*

Only the bots.. just the bots!

Try browsing around http://www.googlelabs.com/ to see if there's a place to submit your idea.

2010-May-27, 11:13 AM
I think it's only fair that Frog march takes credit for the idea, so I'd suggest he gets first dibs on the opportunity.

If Frog March chooses not to I'll gladly submit the idea though. They can pay me in iPhones. I hear they love Apple stuff.

2010-May-27, 11:58 AM
I've tried to submit ideas to Google before; it isn't easy....

So I don't mind if you do it.

2010-May-27, 12:01 PM
I'll have a crack then. I'll make you the director of my second company then.

2010-May-27, 12:06 PM
thanks. 8-)