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2010-Jun-01, 03:22 AM
First: forgive the wrong use of quotation marks

Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson, the sister in the sibling musical duo known as "The Knife", released her debut solo album titled "Fever Ray" in 2009. Those not familiar with "The Knife" may have missed the release.

I'll start with a primer. "The Knife" is known for their semi-disturbing electronica. THe first albums were uneven - ranging from bouncy and cheerful to dark as pitch. Their style coalesced in the album "Silent Shout" - breathtaking in its simplicity it seems to dig into one's brain slowly. Multiple plays may reveal hidden depths to the lyrics. There are some genuinely unsettling tracks to be had. But its a bit indirect and hard to place why these songs pick at the back of your brain. The music itself is nothing short of virtuoso. The production is thankfully not overboiled. (For those wanting to give a test listen I'd highly recommend "Forest Families" as a starting point)

Karin's solo album is certianly in the same genre but has a different feel to it overall. A bit less melancholy and more optimistic, I would say. That is not to say upbeat. Those looking for a late night of introspection... this is your album. One of my personal favorites is a track called "Dry and Dusty" which is a kind of cyberpunk-feel love song.

The talent here is enough to make anyone jealous. And certainly the success of both "The Knife" and "Fever Ray" imply that high quality electronica is not dead and gone just yet. Their music is a yard stick, in fact. I find myself comparing other such acts and most fall well short.