View Full Version : North America and Pelican Nebula part 2 (Ha & OIII)

2010-Jun-04, 03:33 AM
You will remember that I started this image just over a week ago in Ha, well I managed to get another clear night to go out imaging in between the cloudy skies and work, I managed to get 8x20 minutes again using the FSQ106ED and Starlight Xpress H36 with a 5nm OIII. A lodestar via OAG was used for guiding with dithering invoked. On the subsequent sub frames there was much less OIII evident than the Ha and what there was showed very little in the way of structural detail but I am sure that it will contribute to the final image. For the blue channel I used 20% Ha added to 100% OIII when colour combining in Maxim DL (not sure if this correct, any suggestions would be appreciated). I am now going to have to wait until at least Sunday to continue with this or the middle of next week, at the moment this target is not available until about 12.30am courtesy of a neighbours tree. The Ha version is on my website http://www.imagingtheheavens.co.uk on the Nebulae 2 page of the image gallery. A full size version will be added to my other website http://www.pbase.com/imaging_the_heavens when I am back at home
Thanks for looking
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2010-Jun-09, 09:46 AM
Great compositions as always Mr Haynes!
I admire your perseverance (and remaining a couch(ed) potato myself)
and thank you for the goodies that you share with us.

*treading carefully here...* I've been meaning to point out last few days, how beautiful your compostion is..the incredible similarity of events on Earth are sad.
I saw a really horrendous picture of an oil-drenched pelican in the last Sunday Times. June 06 issue
The poor, beautiful creature. Just off the coast of 'North America', the Earthly 'Pelican' is in real trouble...sooo saaad...

2010-Jun-09, 05:40 PM
Hi Gordon:
That is excellent.
Many grettings