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2010-Jun-07, 08:28 AM
My copy of a new book about travelling to and settling Mars has just arrived. It is Mars: a survival guide and is by Guy Murphy. I got a pre-release copy from the author. The official release is July 1st by Harper-Collins. It is intended for a non-technical audience, introducing them to the possibilities of Mars. OK, I am biased, the author is a good friend of mine, but I think it is probably the best general summary I have read.


2010-Jun-10, 10:45 PM
The contents are:

1 - The Red Planet
2 - Getting there
3 - Suiting up
4 - Hidden treasure
5 - Building a home
6 - Life support
7 - Getting around
8 - Helpful machines
9 - Keeping in touch
10 - Your day job
11 - Looking after yourself
12 - Planetary protection
13 - the one-way trip

All in 232 pages. It is non-technical but quite comprehesive.

2010-Jun-13, 03:25 AM
There is a short intro video about it on YouTube

and a large image of the cover at

Having immersed myself in the subject for such a long time I'd love to discuss some of the issues ...

Guy Murphy (the author)

2010-Jun-13, 06:06 PM
Guy, this looks like a fascinating read. Good luck to you!

Welcome to BAUT, we won't hold your friendship with JonClarke against you, and drift on over to Life in Space. I think you could add to some of the discussions there.