View Full Version : Names for Trans-Neptunian Objects?

2004-Mar-24, 04:59 AM
Like Kuiper Belt Objects and Oort Cloud Objects.

I have a proposal for the next big one:

Hörbiger (or Hoerbiger)

after Austrian mining engineer and self-styled "cosmologist" Hanns Hörbiger, inventor of a crackpot cosmology called the Welteislehre (Cosmic Ice Theory).

Though absolutely riddled with errors, the Cosmic Ice Theory was correct about how icy the outer Solar System is, including how there are a lot of "ice blocks" there.

However, honoring Hörbiger might be like honoring a stopped clock simply because it is right twice a day.

2004-Mar-24, 06:41 AM
The asteroids between 5.5AU and 25 AU are called Centaurs;
there are approximately 130 already discovered.

2004-Mar-24, 07:30 AM
Yeah, but even at perihelion, Neptune's still 30.0 AU from the sun. The Centaurs end before the trans-Neptunian objects begin.