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Brady Yoon
2004-Mar-24, 07:54 AM
I rented this movie from the public library today and all I can say is.. ugh. I was so disappointed with it. :( The special effects were mediocre at best (the destruction of Rome with those lightning bolts). The collapse of the Golden Gate Bridge was a little better though. The characters were boring and lifeless with the exception of the main character and the african american fellow. The scenes when the ship was drilling through the earth were also rather boring. I have to say I liked Armageddon more than this... And I was also wondering about this. Isn't it the outer core that supplies the Earth with its magnetic field? And I was also wondering.. Is there any way a human being could survive under the enormous pressures and temperatures of the core? Is there any material that could? Thanks.
Brady Yoon

2004-Mar-25, 02:30 PM
There are more things wrong with it than the characters and the special effects. Refer to the following for more information:




Brady Yoon
2004-Mar-26, 07:16 AM
Thanks for the links. :)

Brady Yoon
2004-Mar-26, 07:20 AM
IMO the movie started off pretty well with the space shuttle landing and the rest, but started to get worse and worse. And did the two main characters get rescued at the end or did they get suck under the ocean?

2004-Apr-10, 05:46 AM
Just watched this on TV(movie channel in Canada)

Where does one begin to pick apart the science idiocy in this movie??


I particularily like the scene where the huge diamonds have blocked their progress and they have to go eva and clear the way. I can accept a new material that would withstand the heat and pressure of the mantle and core thus allowing the manufacture of a ship that could explore the inner workings of the planet. It is the type of thing that all sci-fi needs. However, if there is a bodysuit that can allow humans to walk about a few hundred miles beneath the crust then hell they could just scuba dive down to the core :lol: Furthermore if the ship can take the pressure of the core why is it not strong enough to chew it's way through a diamond?

......yes the two who make it to the seabed do get rescued when the computer geek figures out that they are the source of interest of the whales circling about.

There was one good line in the movie though.

"I couldn't think as slow as you do if I tried" I will have to remember this, it could come in handy.