View Full Version : Hayabusa Sample Return Capsule Retrieved

2010-Jun-14, 03:00 PM
Scientists from Japan were given the go-ahead to retrieve the sample return capsule from the Hayabusa spacecraft, which is hoped to contain the first piece of asteroid ever brought to Earth, perhaps providing insight into the origins of asteroids and our universe. The capsule was ejected three hours before reaching Earth, where the [...]

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2010-Jun-16, 07:32 PM
Fraser. Congratulations to the Japanese/collaborators... for a job well done. Yet, in a strange twist, it was only recently that it was concluded that some of the comets that visit the solar system are in all probability from other solar systems. Impacts are not exclusively the domain of our own solar system, and the idea of Panspermia in our solar system, with debris from impacts traveling from planetary body to planetary body, seeding life, is pretty mundane today.
So I'll bet they'll be pretty careful opening that baby up. pete