View Full Version : Free new online tvseries about astronomy = bad?

2010-Jun-20, 04:27 PM
Ok im all for free stuff, but this one really needs the help of people like us here to get good.
I found a tv-series that is founded by free donations. So I downloaded the pilot and started watching it. First there were some comersials and stuff. And thats ok, since its free I guess. But then I started watching the show, and before even the first person appeared on the screen I saw HORROR!
4:07 into the pilot (that is after the comersials and other stuff) they had a black screen showing this:

"Goldstone Observatory
'Sky Sweeper' Astrological Survey"

I guess the budget was abit low, so to complain about stuff like settings and so on doesnt help to much, but they really should have done more research on stuff before making it.
And since there are alot of people here that probably could help them out alot, I thought I would point you in their direction. I dont know much about them other then that I have seen the pilot of their show, and that its based on donations, but I guess they would welcome some help if someone here wants to do something. :)

Here is a link to the show:

2010-Jun-21, 06:30 AM
There is already a thread in "Small Media at Large", but it has only one post (mine):
Perhaps the moderators can merge the threads?

And yeah, for a sci-fi drama, it's light on the "sci".