View Full Version : Bolide observed

2010-Jun-25, 05:26 PM
This is the second time in a week that I observed a slow Bolide (or maybe "dwarf Bolide ;) ).
The first was parallel to the second and similar, but I have only data for the second:
location: Key West/FL Mallory square
facing: SW
Time: 12.17 AM EDT
Trajectory: Roughly from Arcturus to Shaula, covering an est. 30 deg of sky.
mag.: between -8 and -9
- very slow: it took about 8-10 secs to cover 30 deg of sky
- pieces of debris trailed like pearls on a chain.

Now the question is: Is there anything peculiar that makes identification of such an object as human space debris vs. meteoroid possible?
Anybody lost another toolbox? ;)