View Full Version : WARNING!!! The FBI is confiscating all almanacs

2004-Mar-27, 10:33 PM
Far be it for me to accuse someone who converses with a race so high and mighty as the Zetas of lying....but....

I just read the items that came true from Nancy's web site and the two the struck my eye were:

Almanacs are a threat to national security and are being confiscated. How odd but I happen to have my 2004 Almanac within arms reach.

Secondly, the pentagon is rehearsing a relocation excersise...
Odd..I'm a Navigator in the Air Force on heavy lift aircraft and we are just a little busy right now...and its not rehearsing how to move the city of New York into a beach side condo in lovely Santa Barbara. You think a sizeable number of "relocations" would have to be done via aircraft.

but then again I am just a goverment stooge...

David Mc
2004-Mar-27, 11:30 PM
Oh I can't help it...

AHA! Another agent fo the FBI-X exposed. :^o

2004-Mar-28, 12:46 AM
The issue with the almanacs is based on fears of terrorism, and that terrorists may use them for some odd use or another. Not an incoming planet. They were also not confiscated, but warnings issued about shady characters buying them. Her thoughts about that came out after the warning issued by HLS about those things. I can't recall what the problem was, but I also can't find any recent news about almanacs. After following the terrorism issues quite closely for awhile, and reading some very scary things that I probably shouldn't go on about here, I'm almost certain that anything the government does (any sort of excersize) is related to the current intel we have about any upcoming attacks, not the Zeta Doomsday Machine.

Charlie in Dayton
2004-Mar-29, 05:57 AM
Someone needs to define 'almanac'.

The books that got Homeland Security in a dither are the ones like the World Almanac (http://www.worldalmanac.com/index-m.htm), with information that someone with a decidedly evil bent would find useful.

Books like the Old Farmer's Almanac (http://www.almanac.com/index.php) are harmless, and aren't a cause for the heebie-jeebies if you see some bearded type reading it in public.

It just might be me...

2004-Mar-29, 01:36 PM
My "Old Farmer's Almanac" Calendar is still hanging on the wall within arm's reach. "They" can have it when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. [-(

BTW: Did you know that today is "Seward's Day in Alaska?"