View Full Version : Ep. 193: Astronomy with the Unaided Eye

2010-Jul-08, 01:10 AM
We talk a lot about telescopes here on Astronomy Cast, but you really don't need any special equipment to appreciate what the night sky has to offer. Just head outside with some sky charts, maybe a planisphere, some friends and hot chocolate, and you're good to go. Let's talk about what kinds of things you can see with just your eyes.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/astronomycast/~4/cCF_r5LDHXQ

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2010-Jul-13, 02:53 AM

Loved this show, taking it outside and have a blast with a group of friends and/or family its probably the best way to enjoy the sky and stellar events.
It reminded me something that i've experienced a few years ago with a nice group of friends.
It was in the middle of the summer, so i believe it was the Perseids. We were about 15 peoples if i recall correctly and, we went to a summer house from one of our friends, away enough from the city lights to enjoy this show. Maybe around 02:00 AM GMT, we've lay down on the garden's grass with some beach towels or something like it and during and hour or so, we were astonished with the light show, either one my one or in what seemed like formation flight patterns, we saw those rocks getting deep into the Earth's atmosphere as they lighted up, amazing.

Lately i've not had the chance to find the time to go and "hunt" a site for this sort of events, and light pollution just gets worst as time goes by, so it also gets harder to find an appropriate place to watch this sort of events.

Anyway, after this show, i think that this year i'm going to make an effort to find that "hidden" spot and watch the meteor shower.

I'm grateful for this show(s) Fraser and Pamela, keep it up :clap: