View Full Version : It seems that the domain apollohoax.com expired on April 15

William the Conqueror
2002-Apr-18, 09:41 PM

... says:

"Record expires on 15-Apr-2002"

"William the Conqueror"

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2002-Apr-18, 10:57 PM
Well, someone should contact Jonathan to renew Apollohoax. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

2002-Apr-19, 03:01 PM
OK, I've sent an e-mail to Jonathan to renew Apollohoax. Hope he does /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

David Hall
2002-Apr-19, 03:16 PM
Does the expiratiion of a domain name automatically mean that the domain becomes non-functional until it's renewed? I mean, wouldn't they give a little leeway for people to renew before just dumbing them cold?

I have absolutely no idea how these things work, so I'm just asking.

William the Conqueror
2002-Apr-19, 04:13 PM
While I remember it ... Bill Gates once forgot to renew an important domain ! (Guess he was busy counting his money ... )

Read the "you´ve gotta be kidding me"-story here:


A quote from the story:

"The episode began Christmas Eve when Chaney, a Linux consultant from Nashville, Tenn., was denied access to his Hotmail account.

He learned through Slashdot, an online discussion group, that Microsoft failed to pay the $35 fee to Networks Solutions for the Passport.com Web address, which had expired Dec. 24. The Passport.com site verifies user identification and passwords for access to Hotmail and about 25 other services.

When the domain name lapsed, some users seeking to access their accounts received error messages indicating the domain was unavailable.

Chaney then went to the Network Solutions site and paid the fee with his credit card.

"I didn't do it to help Microsoft," he said in an interview this morning. "I did it to help the Hotmail users."

Microsoft representatives could not be immediately reached for comment."

But as far as renewing domains goes .....

From http://thenic.com/renew/ :

"Renewal notices come via e-mail starting 90 days before expiration"


"Domains will no longer function past the expiration date ("on hold") [this is most likely what has happened to apollohoax.com - my add.] but are kept for about 40 days before being released back into the pool of available domains. You may still renew during this period without losing the domain."

Let´s say that Jay´s clavius.org domain had gone past the expiration date and Jay had not responded to the "closed" domain in 40 days or so ... then - at least in theory - a HB could have bought the clavius.org domain just to annoy Jay (and the rest of us).

"William the Conqueror"

2002-Apr-21, 05:58 PM
It usually takes about 2 months for NSI to pull a domain that hasn't been paid for off the DNS records. I work for an ISP, and we host domains, and that is what I have noticed....we just had a customer whose domain expired in Feb. and just this past week, it became inaccessoble, and he couldn't send mail with his domain address. So usually, they give you a little leeway, at least as far as expired domains go.