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2010-Jul-12, 08:50 PM
Astronomers have Type Ia supernovae pretty well figured out. The way these exploding stars brighten and then dim are so predictable that they have been used to measure the universe's expansion. This reliability led to the discovery that our universe was not only expanding but accelerating, which in turn led to the discovery of dark [...]

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2010-Jul-13, 01:29 PM
Fraser/Nancy Atkinson/Rosanne DeStefano. White dwarfs have magnetic fields ranging from 0.2 to ~ 100,000 Tesla. The fusion spoke of in the article, is once again, a weak interaction, with protons becoming neutrons. As has been stated before, the fall of parity demonstrated by T.D.K.Lee and C.N. Yang, found that parity effects occurred not only in every experiment where they might be seen, but in every run of every experiment. Nobody had checked the data. It is certainly not without reason to suspect that the x-ray emission from fusion in white dwarves is highly collimated at the poles due to parity effects. That would reduce the observed number of soft X-ray sources, which are expected to show up based on symmetrical spherical emission. Not so fast. pete


also SEE:http://www.nist.gov/physlab/general/parity/index.cfm
edit: I'll add a hot fudge sundae bet here: Since past studies have shown the majority of the orientations of SNR axes of symmetry and of Cepheids' axes of pulsation tend to be galactically aligned with the galaxy's axis of rotation, inferring some effects from galaxy wide magnetic fields on their progenitors...I'll bet a hot fudge sundae that when they look for soft X-ray sources, they'll find them a lot more abundant in face-on galaxies. .....two scoops of coffee ice cream, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, cherries, chopped walnuts, and chocholate "Jimmies" on top.....shazam. pete