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2010-Jul-14, 09:00 AM
We know there are several distance educational programs, university programs, educational video seminars on the television casting round the day on some channels, but I have a doubt that very least people I mean students worldwide taking it's advantage. May be they don't have sufficient time during their college/university campus hours, so time do not allow them to see the additional information, most of the programs are running in the day sessions, if the programs coordinators shows these programs particularly in night then it may be more beneficial for the students. Some students now a days looking 100% presenty in the college hours but absent at their home, if these programs are availble in night they may stick to the television to see such programs, so that their grasping habits may grow and their overall knowledge levels will also increase.

But the main thing is whether the impact of such education is falling upon the student's acedemic scores ! or not.

Today's consuming their maximum time in watching movies,tv serials, songs etc. In India the ladies class spending their day time in watching the tv serials which are relent upon social topics, only few are watching cookery show, little of them watching regional and national news. In this time they do not allow anyone to change the tv channel. :)

1 out of 100 womens watching sport channel. But the number is quite less.

Today and even since last 25 years of span, tv becomes an influential media's bitggest home outlet.

Most of the children normally viewing television cartoon show, disney channel, cartoon's channel, mister bean tv serial, and animation films particularly on sunday. They tries to consume their time in such a way.

The elder people in any home, behaving in diffenerent manner.

I think there is a great need from the parents to look tv with a filtered program schedule for their children. There is a great check required during the examination time which can restrict them not too much tv-observation.

Some people are watching television just to kill their time, some are watching to take worldwide affairs knowledge, most of adult people are fond of day night news.

2010-Jul-14, 12:24 PM
My question is how many educational programs are left on TV to watch?

TLC... 20 years ago they had greate shows on various sciences and I used to watch it very often. One that I was particularly fond of was the Mechanical Universe. I don't watch it at all now.
Discovery was similar. I can't remembe specific shows, but Mythbusters is about all I watch there anymore.
History used to be my default when not much was on. Even now, I have a hard time finding shows that interest me. And; those are usually repeated to death.
PBS still has Nova, but I haven't seen Nova Science Now lateley (probably off season). Much of it is, geared toward the arts and children's programming depending on the time of day. There are some interesting specials left.

We; who relish learning things are at the mercy of the masses.

I'm sure the internet has a lot to do with it. Why learn when you can just look it up?
But; I like to learn beyond my experience. I like when I think "gee, I would have never thought to ask that". That's what I like about BAUT.

2010-Jul-14, 01:50 PM
PBS still has Nova, but I haven't seen Nova Science Now lateley (probably off season). Much of it is, geared toward the arts and children's programming depending on the time of day.
I watch NOVA every week (Tuesday nights), and I just caught an episode of 'Nova Science Now' on Saturday that was extremely interesting, if not offering anything that I wasn't already somewhat familiar with.

I'll watch nature shows on NatGeo or Animal Planet. Or geography shows on the same channels and sometimes History / Discovery. You just have to be careful what you listen to on those channels; they like to sneak in pseudo-science or claims that aren't widely accepted, but they tend to mask them as 'matter-of-fact'.

2010-Jul-14, 05:55 PM
Back when I could see BBC Prime (abroad version of BBC2 I think) and they actually sent them (they stopped in 2006) I regularly watched the Open University (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_University) programs on BBC Learning Zone (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Learning_Zone).

Perhaps it should be mentioned that these programs are educational in the sense that they are part of the curriculum for various university level distance learning courses and they were sent for about 4 hours every night so students could set their VCR to tape the ones for their course and watch them when it was relevant for the study.

It may sounds like a strange use of national TV, but with 180.000 students enrolled we're talking one of the largest universities in the world and a very efficient way of distributing programs.
These days they are distributing by mailing dvd's instead.

2010-Jul-15, 02:58 AM
the most educational show on tv right now is Top Gear..

The Backroad Astronomer
2010-Jul-15, 04:52 AM
at least when they are in the states.

2010-Jul-15, 05:12 PM
I record Nature, Nova, and MythBusters.