View Full Version : NASA Rescues Sea Turtles Endangered by Oil Spill

2010-Jul-14, 08:40 PM
Kennedy Space Center sits right smack dab in the middle of Merritt Island Wildlife refuge, and many at KSC are proud that NASA's technology can work in concert with nature. So it's not surprising that the space agency is helping thousands of baby sea turtles, endangered by the oil spill on northern Gulf of Mexico [...]

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2010-Jul-14, 09:36 PM
The article omitted that the temperature controlled truck being utilized for transport is being provided over the next months for free by FedEx.

2010-Jul-25, 05:05 AM
Good thing, that. We need those turtles all the way down.

2010-Jul-25, 08:15 PM
I can't believe they only released a single common tern.
After all, one good tern deserves another.
*ducks and covers*
BAD puns aside, I am glad NASA was able to do this, those turtles and terns and pelicans should not have to live with our messes.