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Lord Jubjub
2010-Jul-16, 08:51 PM
So Inception has been released today. I haven't been a big movie-goer in the last few years, but for all the hoopla around this movie, this is not the first movie to combine cloak-and-dagger with dreams.

Not a nomination list, but I was wondering what all manner of dreamscape movies y'all have seen.

I'll start with 'Dream a Little Dream'. Definitely trippy, but I liked it.

2010-Jul-16, 11:23 PM
Dreamscape, The Cell, Dallas season 9.

2010-Jul-19, 03:04 PM
Videodrome - hallucinations, not dreams, but that's close enough for me.

Nowhere Man
2010-Jul-19, 04:37 PM
Eraserhead. Shudder.


2010-Jul-19, 04:49 PM
Avalon is arguably a dreamscape. Though more of a gamescape. If you've never heard of it - its a live-action by the guy that directed Ghost in the Shell - Mamoru Oshii. It is a bit hard to get into but rewards you at the end with some lovely ambiguity and color.

2010-Jul-20, 10:51 PM
Thing is, if we deal just with dreaming, even lucid dreaming, the list of movies could get quite long- Altered States, Spellbound, Unforgettable, Eternal Sunshine, Nightmare on Elm Street, pretty much every movie Luis Bunuel and David Lynch ever made. If we mean "dreamwalking", as in people sharing and travelling within each other's dreams, then the list is actually quite short (Dreamscape, Brainstorm, Nightmare on Elm Street 3, that one scene from "The Dark Crystal"... can't think of another one. There was that cool scene from Angels in America, and that Buffy ep at the end of season 4, and that dumb ep of Star Trek Voyager (quite a few of those, actually), and that silly but oddly addictive show with the big guy from Parker Lewis and ER in it, and that new Doctor Who episode, and the Fraggles could do it too...

2010-Jul-21, 01:26 PM
Will I get in trouble if I mention "Wizard of Oz"? :)