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2010-Jul-18, 04:34 AM
Are there black holes at the center of all stars?
If there was a black hole at the center of all stars it would explain why stars turn into black holes at a certain size: the light pressure can't break the strength of the gravity. It would also explain why stars only exist over a certain size: up to the point the star forms there is no black hole at the center. As the proto-star accretes matter the core spins faster up to relativistic velocities and the pressure rises until the pressure (and rotation?) forms the black hole. The regular pressure would act against the star collapsing.

2010-Jul-18, 04:58 AM
ryankr8ch I have approved your post. It seems an interesting question however if you are proposing an ATM theory you are advised to read the special rules about such and post in the relevant section.

2010-Jul-18, 05:13 AM
I think it would fail to predict known densities of stars. For the sun for example, both mass and radius are known to high accuracy. Note that regular pressure would not apply to prevent collapse, there is no pressure coming from the center, it would be behind an event horizon. Even a small black hole at the center would have the star collapse.

Ken G
2010-Jul-18, 05:57 AM
What's more, the issues you seem to be suggesting the need for the black hole to explain are already explained satisfactorily with much more mundane physics. And given the one-way nature of the event horizon, it does seem like a black hole large enough to have any importance would also be large enough to "eat" the star.

2010-Jul-18, 06:19 AM
it does seem like a black hole large enough to have any importance would also be large enough to "eat" the star.

Anything above microscopic size would do. Since the EH provides a perfect pressure sink, the innermost layers of material will be pushed into the black hole by pressure alone from the layers above, there's not even the need for gravity to do the work (except for holding the star together as in the usual way, i meant the gravity from the black hole itself isn't even needed in the first stages). As long as it is in the center, any black hole would do to quickly eat the star.

2010-Jul-18, 10:49 AM
The amount of mass available to be contracting space at such a rate as to exceed the velocity of light.... is known. It has a name.

A Black Hole. Its not a good name, for it raises some confusion. As it is neither black or a hole...

A star such as SOL.. our sun. Does not get near to the mass required to becoming such a object.