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2010-Jul-27, 02:03 PM
Warning: Kind of icky.

Had a very interesting time the last couple of months, with a kidney stone going complicated. I really found it to be a learning experience. And a humbling and enlightening one. Being at a "nine" on the pain chart for hours at a time will do that to you.

After three very nasty bouts of "renal colic" you do pick up the patterns of the new biorhythm. And spent a lot of time looking at that silly pain chart they have. Came up with one of my own, sort of.

When I get to five I start to pant, even after noting the fact and trying to suppress it.

At six and I no longer follow the middle-aged black nurse with the mountainous bosoms with my eyes as she passes by and I start to sweat. This is also where I stop clowning with the staff. I wanted to lie and say that last bit was at level seven, but that's not true so I won't. Else Gillian will think I'm a bad person. Well, more than she already does. :) (Well maybe not a bad person, just a alimentary canal terminus.)

At seven and I exclaimed involutarily on every exhalation and needed to pace, I couldn't sit still.

Eight and you have that weird grimmace that looks like the Tragedy mask. An open mouthed frown.

Nine, was as high as I got but not as high as I've been. Double double ungood. I wondered why on Earth I hadn't fainted tell you the truth. I had been in extremus before where the pain rendered me unconsious.

On three occasions while in the ER I was injected with improperly mixed injectable dilantin to control seisures. (I used to go there a lot) Has to be hydrated properly with water the right ph and hardness or the stuff recrystalizes in the patients bloodstream. Though it will remelt in about ten to twenty seconds.

I assure you, and maybe Grant can back me on this, but having crystals of anything form in your circulatory system is hellishly unpleasant. It feels like liquid fire is oozing up your arm from the injection site and both times when the pain got to my left armpit it got so huge I fainted.

Though I guess those would be tens. Momentary tens and long duration nines both suck.

I've been typing all night, so I have to quit and sleep before I actually get to the questions.

I'll be back. No wait, I am back.

7 AM local, yeah, time to go to bed.

Good day everyone.

2010-Jul-27, 02:13 PM
At seven and I exclaimed involutarily on every exhalation and needed to pace, I couldn't sit still.

Just as a fellow sufferer of renal colic, this reminded me of something. I think that when I had my kidney stones, a doctor told me, the difference between a person with appendicitis and a person with renal colic is that the person with appendicitis will lie down, whereas the person with renal colic will pace. So true. Well, I've never had appendicitis so I can't vouch for the other side. :)

2010-Jul-27, 11:22 PM
I still have my appendix as well. Plus my tonsils.