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Mars University
2010-Jul-30, 07:25 PM
In an effort to understand the good and bad of the NWO its followers and organizers I decided looking at the whole world, the north American territory or even the Eastern or Northeastern part of the US is just too large an area, too many people, too many bills and accounting to ever uncover and address anything in time for the year 2100 let alone understanding why the year 2000, 2012 and 2019 are or were so important as far as target dates for a fundamental change of our world and each country. My concern as to how could so many people be involved and keep so many area's from being exposed, how could it be coordinated, who would actually have an interest and who has been around long enough to be carrying out direction 40 years later let alone 80 years after the first financial take over America was completed in 1913.

I am not going to go into my research findings, because of my publication of Graphs, Flow Charts, Media Organizational and Filter Charts until I can fully get some other feedback and comments so I can place this "Conspiracy Fact" into the appropriate category. I will show a breakdown of how my state of Maine, USA and the war against the middle class has progressed since 1962. I will open up the discussion on how the Club of Rome, (which I applied for a job there recently) has impacted my state of Maine on the Environmental and Land issues. How our wood industry, textile industry, Wal-Mart, air pollution, cancer and animal rights have all worked together in social engineering, destruction of our working middle class and shifted it to a 85% service society with the largest employer in our state being the State Government which is Unionized. Lastly I will show how the targets of 1993, 2000, 2006, 2010 and next 2012 and 2019 are all target dates which politically in the US our governments have a part to play but the 6 wings of the NWO that I focus on and how the largest Corporations in the world have each began taking a hit for the establishment to buy their way into the new economy. Each company has a stake and have been either funded by the Bail outs or incredible profits from 2000 - 2008 just in time for the crash and somehow each of the same companies that pocketed BILLIONS have each had a major role to play like oil spill, bank failure or collapse, re-call of millions because of problems, as well as others having to take political or legal bashings yet are also setup to benefit once the Carbon systems goes into full effect.

Our entire Corporate, Political, Educational, Scientific, Banking and Industrial systems all have been preparing for something and the media and hollywood have been creating the type of confusion and misdirection needed for people to feel uncertain and needing of direction because of fear and uncertainty. 2012 has been a date targeted since the early 60's as the point of transition for the United States. Transition from what to what? Who is transitioning it and who is deciding its time to transition? Why?

I would like to see if others are interested in not only discussing these facts and theory's in order to isolate some research into states and localized actions with dates of the early 60's being the trigger and once I post my charts most of you can easily trace the effects and then who is responsible for your local conspiracy's. The size and scope and compartmentalization has been fabulously orchestrated and most of us have at some point contributed to the building of this NWO as John F Kennedy warned us of.

I hope I create some interest and get some other volunteers to complete conspiracy research in your local areas. I am not and nor do I sell anything. I am not asking for funding or the creation of anything just input on my belief this conspiracy is so large and so much in the open that most people are part without knowing who is pulling the strings. I look forward to feedback. (16 more illegals were arrested for drunk driving and can't be prosecuted even though the AVERAGE is 16 deaths every DAY from drunk illegals in accidents but we won't ever here it or see it. Those numbers are greater weekly than the total number of actual terrorists ever convicted from our war on terror. Why hide the facts of Illegals, the facts of our war dead, the facts of how much money its costing our children for the war and illegals could put 80,000.00 into 100 million American homes per year and allow the US to travel the world as Ambassadors of freedom instead of war. Think about it, close our borders, send home the illegals and end the war, create a Space economy and use the savings from war and illegals which puts 80,000.00 in 100 million American homes annually. Pay these 100 million Americans to travel and do good in the world. That is a true vision of the future that could take place in a short period of time changing the world but the military complex, the conspiracy I have written about and others are going to take our world this year and next and transform it by 2012. WHY?

Anthony Riordan

2010-Jul-30, 07:38 PM
This topic seems extremely political, and forbidden by Board Rules, and not space related, as required by Board Rules. I'm closing the thread. If you can show how this is a space-related conspiracy, report this post (the little triangle with the ! inside at lower left) and state your case.