View Full Version : The Wire, Pillars of the Earth and Spartacus

2010-Aug-01, 08:26 PM
These are three shows on cable that I watch on a regular basis.

The Wire: A show about the drug trade and how it effects every aspect of an American inner-city. The dealers, the police, the schools and even the politicians all have systems in which they work in and how drugs and crime influences them all. I really don't like shows about the ghetto, but the Wire really brings it's characters to life and you start to understand their world.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand: Intrigues and schemes would best describe this show. You catch a glimpse of what it's like to live in ancient Rome, be you a slave or noble (yet all the "Romans" are played by New Zealanders). There's a great detail to historical accuracy. You soon realize the Romans would stab each other in the back for a bag of coin and you want the main characters to have the justice they've been denied. It has good fight scenes despite the cheesy soft-core scenes, which are there to market towards men; despite that, most people I know who watch Spartacus regularly are women...

Pillars of the Earth: Just getting into it. It's on the same level of historical accuracy as Spartacus, save in 1138 the English nobles should be speaking Old French and not English. It has a lot of politics over land, estates etc. between the other nobles, the King and the church. It's turning to be much better than I expected.

Your thoughts?

Does anyone else watch these shows?

2010-Aug-01, 10:19 PM
I don't get any of the channels, which annoys me greatly on the subject of Pillars of the Earth, because I love the book so.

2010-Aug-02, 01:39 AM
I love The Wire - it's a very well balanced approach, and the characters are wonderfully done. I've got to dig up season 5 and finish it off - got the DVD at home somewhere.

I'm not familiar at all with the other shows though.

2010-Aug-02, 03:32 AM
Pillars of the Earth does not, to me, count as a "show" per se. "Miniseries," albeit a long one. It doesn't matter what the ratings are, you see. Since it's based on a book, it has a pretty definite ending. They could do the second book, though.

2010-Aug-02, 07:47 PM
Pillars of the Earth annoyed me, especially the rape scene, which I thought was written to titillate. Sex kinda overwhelmed the whole book. I mean I know it's something people have always been interested in, but I can't believe that it was the only viable topic of conversation in 1138.

2010-Aug-02, 08:31 PM
Oh, there are plenty of other conversations in those books--war does rather influence things. And religion. And power.

2010-Aug-09, 06:23 AM
BTW, the Wire is playing on Direct TV's 101.