View Full Version : Do we have a way to resolve the quandry of the Cosmological Constant?

2010-Aug-09, 08:04 PM
Perhaps. The energy density of the vacuum is off by a mere 1060 to 10120 orders of magnitude. By modifying Einstein's equations, the authors slip around the "oops" and open a door like Alice-in-Wonderland. Imagination....the best. :clap: Pete


2010-Aug-11, 03:10 AM
120 orders of magnitude is not a problem when you have an unlimited number of variables to tweek.

forrest noble
2010-Aug-12, 02:41 AM

Do we have a way to resolve the quandary of the Cosmological Constant?

If the dark energy idea is valid then there really would be no cosmological constant. Accordingly there would only be an overall average rate of galactic recession but with changing rates over time; the recession rate would accordingly depend on the time frame being considered.