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2010-Aug-18, 04:22 AM
(Well, I have been considering it for a short while. And I do believe this is the right part of the forum for my topic. My topic after all reiterates the conspiracy theory I have been making right along. Please read...)

I have often heard scientists complain people who claim to know the future should tell us before these events happen. Well, if that is the case, I think I have a big one for you all!

First of all, as I've told you all, I think coincidences are no accidents. They are clearly put here as a kind of "message-in-a-bottle" by an advanced secret alien overlord. (But as I've also said, I don't e.g. believe in UFO's--sorry:)!)

But first a little background. For some time I have been interested in coincidences. It has been about 20 years now, in fact. And about 9 years ago--actually I think it was 2001 exactly--I noticed some surrounding Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II of England.

For starters, they were both 25 when they became queen. Also, they were also both third in line to the throne before they became queen. And there are a couple more I will leave out.

Beyond that, every significant year in their respective lives seems to happen within a window of 7 years. Please allow me to elaborate. Elizabeth I was born in 1533 and Elizabeth II was born in 1926. '26 and '33 are seven years apart! Elizabeth I was coronated in 1559 and Elizabeth II was coronated 1953--6 years apart (and thus still within the 7 yr. window)!

Okay, now is where the prediction comes in. As I've said, I haven't seriously considered this set of coincidences basically since 2001. But Elizabeth I died in 1603. For the window of 7-years-or-less to hold, Elizabeth II would have to die in 2010--this year!!!

Now, I do want to make a couple of things very clear here. I am not trying to be morbid. And I really and truly hope my prediction does not come true. I have nothing against Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, I admire HRM Queen Elizabeth II. From what I understand, she is very open-minded on many issues (like gay rights for example). In my country (USA), we would call her an "enlightened conservative". I may not totally agree with it, but I do admire and respect it, believe me. So to repeat, I wish Queen Elizabeth a long and happy reign. I do sincerely hope I am mistaken:).

But if (God-forbid) I am, can you imagine the implications of it all. I predicted the future! And I also found further proof of my theory. What would you all think about that?

I await your replies.

2010-Aug-18, 06:11 AM
I was just reading New Change for Conspiracy Theory section: only space and astronomy (http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php/52887-New-Change-for-Conspiracy-Theory-section-only-space-and-astronomy) sticky. And I do now realize I may have made a minor mistake. This may seem like it doesn't relate to Space and Astronomy. But hear my argument first: I think this does have to do with space, because it is related to life on other planets. Anyways, Mods, if you want to move it, I will understand. But please don't close it until people respond. I really do want to hear people's views on this. QUESTION: If does get closed, can us restart it in another part of the forums? Again, accept my apologies if I made a mistake:). And thank you in advance.

2010-Aug-18, 06:24 AM
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