View Full Version : Satellite Data Shows Plant Growth is Declining on Earth

2010-Aug-19, 08:00 PM
One idea about climate change suggested that higher temperatures would boost plant growth and food production. That may have been a trend for awhile, where plant growth flourished with a longer growing season, but the latest analysis of satellite data shows that rising global temperatures has reached a tipping point where instead of being beneficial, [...]

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2010-Aug-21, 04:25 PM
These results are extraordinarily significant because they show that the global net effect of climatic warming on the productivity of terrestrial vegetation need not be positive as was documented for the 1980s and 1990s," said Diane Wickland

Well, not exactly - as pointed out in the article, this is one set of data and by definition, one dot on a chart is never 'extraordinarily significant'. I'm not a global warming skeptic, in fact the models and predictions scare me; but this is naked over-hype of one study based upon many many asssumptions. It doesn't help my skepticism that these results are consistent with a change leadership and administrative policies - first lier doesn't have a chance.