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2010-Aug-20, 05:57 PM
Any high-voltage enigineers here?

During my holidays in Croatia, I observed a thunderstorm. Trying to catch a photo of lightning, I caught a nice scene of a lightning hitting somewhere a power line, causing some discharge lightarcs at a pylon which in turn caused some small bushfire. While on the way to wake up my hosts to ring some fire alarms (in Croatia, bushfires are sometimes a serious problem), I observed that the fire already collpsed and a strong rainfall approached quickly.
Later I went to the place of the scene to look for the damage done.
I'm not absolutely sure if the lightning visible in one picture was the one causing the lightarcs.
Any engineer here who can explain the protection system of the pylon? I have no photo fromn a good angle, but it seems, there is an arc gap between every line and its truss. Is the yellow smoke from material of the arc gap electrodes (which would mean they need maintenance) or is it nitrogen dioxide?
I made a slideshow/movie from the material I collected and uploaded it to youtube. Best viewed at 720p resolution.



2010-Aug-22, 08:07 AM
Excellent video, Harald.

See this webpage for details of lightning protection on power lines: http://www.electricityforum.com/products/lightning-protection.html
You can see the pilot cable on your pictures, across the apex of the pylon.


2010-Aug-27, 07:38 PM
Your documentary style style is appreciated. Better than just random youtube posts without captions.