View Full Version : Hubble and Spitzer images on Yahoo (!)

Jerod S. V2.0
2010-Aug-21, 10:11 AM
I just stumbled, figuratively speaking, across this pair of images posted on Yahoo:


First, I'm pleasantly surprised to see this on Yahoo. They usually seem more interested in what outfit Britney Spears was wearing yesterday than in anything related to science.

Second...these are amazing! (I don't get out much to websites that routinely post similar images.)

The first one of the black hole is mind-blowing. I mean, weren't black holes thought to be more theoretical than factual and many academics used to dismissively laugh about the possibility of such a mere 30 or so years ago? Here it is, 2010 C.E. and anyone online who's inclined to look can freely see the hard data that they exist!

The second image... Words don't do it justice, but the word "beautiful" came to mind initially. The sooner we get our collective act together down here, the sooner we can get about really exploring in an up-close and personal manner all the cool stuff that resides out there. I'll end that thought before I violate certain forum rules...

I'd guess the images aren't new to many here, but they were to me and since this is the one place online where I can post about them without being asked why anyone would post about such a thing, here it is. (If this post is in the wrong section, I won't be offended or annoyed if the mods want to relocate it.)

2010-Aug-21, 11:59 AM
The first one is a computer-generated image. The caption/title is horrificially mischaracterising the image.

The second, yes that one is pretty nice.

2010-Aug-22, 04:34 PM
They are beautiful, and it is great to see them in such a nontraditional place.