View Full Version : Support my science-fiction film about near-light-speed travel

2010-Aug-22, 11:25 AM

Over the past few months I've used the Bad Astronomy forums as one of various sources to fact check and inform a script for my short science-fiction film about an interplanetary cold war and relativistic speed. The film is being done in a "retro" fashion, using no 3D CGI or bluescreen, and although a colorful oldschool visual style is employed, it is my goal for the film to be inspired by hard science and thoughtful speculation at its core.

I have produced some test footage and a teaser trailer, and am now opening the project on Kickstarter.com, an online creative funding platform.

The film is titled "c" or, alternatively, "299,792 kilometers per second." Some more information can be found on the kickstarter page, where I am taking donations to help fund the film.


I have actors, cameras, lights, and studio space; what I lack is a budget of any kind, money to spend on better props, costumes, sets, models, and everything else that will help build the world of the film. Any donation helps, no matter how small, even just $1. I would be honored if some of my first contributions came from BAUT, but interest in the project is more than enough (after all, the film needs an audience).

I want to thank everyone who posted in my threads and answered my questions; you folks have already contributed to the film.

As I head into production, I will undoubtedly be stopping back at the forums and checking in for more advice and opinions. Hope to hear from some of you then.

Thanks very much.