View Full Version : Need Help with A Color Perception Issues. Yellow looking Red.

2010-Aug-28, 01:30 AM
Earlier on I mentioned I bought a new betta that is a very nice yellow. Now after being in my care for a bit and getting a steady diet of aquatic insect larva his colors are getting magnificient.

The same genes that code for yellow coloration in bettas also produce the red pigment. He is wonderfully fault free color-wise. The only red is the color of the arteries in his caudal penduncle, (the tail, not counting the tail fin) which isn't a fault.

The issue is that when he collapses his fins, the concetrated yellow color looks red. It's only when he's flared all the red is gone. It's like when you have concentrated yellow dyes that look red. What is the name of that phenomena?

2010-Aug-28, 03:35 AM
http://www.worqx.com/color/color_proportion.htm - Might help. Maybe...

2010-Aug-28, 03:49 AM
The yellow used in process color offset pinting (cmyk) looks dark green when it's still in the can. It's not until it's spread out in the ink take up that it looks yellowish, but even then it's still very dark. Spread thin, it's rather light.

2010-Aug-29, 12:34 AM
I think this has to do with light being filltered through the fin when it's extended and reflected from the fin when it's folded.

Like wise with kleindoofy's yellow but in this case light passes through the thin film of pigment and then is filtered after being reflected by the paper behind.

BigDon, try puting sheets of colored paper behind the tank and see if this changes the color of the extended fins.