View Full Version : Two Chinese Satellites Rendezvous in Orbit

2010-Aug-31, 11:40 PM
Data from the US military shows that two Chinese satellites likely performed multiple rendezvous 600 kilometers above Earth this summer, and may have even bumped into each other. The rendezvous have taken place over the past several months, between two Chinese "Shi Jian" (Practice) spacecraft, SJ-06F and SJ-12, that are officially listed as science satellites. [...]

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2010-Sep-03, 05:43 AM
A very badly written piece. Difficult? Yes. Rare? No. This sort of rendezvious happens every time there is a docking.

This is exactly the sort of mission China could be expected to fly prior to the planned Shenzhou-Tiangong docking next year. I am a bit suprised they have done this before, as a matter of fact.

Good on them, glad that progress is being made.