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2010-Sep-05, 10:50 PM
We truly live in an amazing time for exoplanet research. It was only 18 years ago the first planet outside our solar system was discovered. Fifteen since the first confirmation of one around a main sequence star. Even more recently, direct images have begun to sprout up, as well as the first spectra of the [...]

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2010-Sep-06, 05:06 PM
18 years... you know, I never thought about this before, but since the first one was discovered the year before I was born, there have been confirmed exoplanets my entire life.

2010-Sep-06, 06:45 PM
[Color nit for the artist....The host star, an F3 class, would never appear yellow (as seen from space). :)]

Given the number of observed accretion disks, am I to assume that this paper is about support of dual methods of exoplanetary formation, or does the coaccretion process work within a stellar disk?