View Full Version : Having trouble posting messages.

2010-Sep-08, 11:43 PM
It takes a long time for my posts to appear. Is anyone else having this problem? It can take hours. Wondered if I should change my provider but posts at other sites like astronomy.com are working immediately.

2010-Sep-09, 12:58 AM
Because you're new, when you post a message, you may briefly see a screen explaining that your post will be held in a queue for moderator approval. This is a spam control measure. Without it, spambots would get really, really annoying. Approval can take minutes to hours, depending on the time of day, how many moderators are online, and how busy they are. Once you have a certain number of posts under your belt, this feature will trouble you no more and your posts will appear immediately.

2010-Sep-09, 02:04 AM
Thanks for explaining that. I'd better get posting then.