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2010-Sep-14, 03:12 PM
I'm looking for an online program that lets you create or generate a planet and its terrain, one that lets you mess around with its albedo, rotation, size, etc.

Preferably one that I don't have to download, I remember using one several years ago it was this program on this website where it had different things on the left side of the page and the picture of the planet at the top. On the left side of the page it had things like: Glacial level, rotation, landforms/type of landmass, sunlight, star saturation, etc.

Things like that except without the downloading part, the reason why I'm asking is because I'm using it for Roleplaying over on Nationstates.net and I need to create a planet called Mournhold which orbits a brown dwarf star.

2010-Sep-15, 05:31 PM
Well is anyone going to answer my question?

2010-Sep-15, 07:06 PM
I am going to venture a guess here and say no body knows of one. I sure don't.

2010-Sep-15, 08:01 PM
Well that sucks.

2010-Sep-15, 09:59 PM
I don't know of any on-line planet generators, and I haven't seen the one you mention- that sounds quite interesting, actually. Any clues as to where you found it?

Just about all the links and software that I'm aware of is listed on this page I've made for OA.

There is one on-line planet generator there, but I can't get it to work.

2010-Sep-16, 12:15 AM
Look for online generators designed for SF RPGs like Traveller. I think there are a few out there (e.g. http://donjon.bin.sh/scifi/world/ )

2010-Sep-16, 06:47 AM

On that one right there the image isn't showing up nor loading I tried refreshing the page, reloading the image and even generating a new planet but nothing worked. By the way http://donjon.bin.sh/scifi/world/index.cgi
that one right there kicks butt, but it doesn't have some of the things I need and its restricted to some things.

2010-Sep-16, 11:30 AM
I sent your question on to old member peterfab because I know he's been writing one for his own use, mainly for the GURPS Space rules.
Unfortunately it's currently a standalone program, i.e. download, so it doesn't fit your requirements, and converting it to an online version won't be something he has time for until he finishes his current project of registering all his Marvel comics, only 750 to go yet.

2010-Sep-16, 11:45 AM
I'd settle for a good download. Have to look at the linkies provided so far when have more time.

In other words, am bookmarking this thread.

2010-Sep-16, 02:58 PM
Dang that is a lot.

2010-Sep-18, 01:15 AM
It seems you are looking for something like a Traveller rpg style world creator. This has a xls file, but since I don't have excel, I can't tell if it is what you are looking for: http://www.travellerrpg.com/CotI/Discuss/showthread.php?t=17659.

The only other thing that comes to mind is SimEarth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SimEarth. I believe this game came on a single 800 k disc and I want say it was hosted online by Hasbro at some point, but I can't find a link to it.

2010-Sep-18, 02:13 AM
See that is the thing I don't want a download I want something I could use online for more of a convenience to use on my SyFy RPG's.

2010-Sep-18, 02:15 AM
Something like this :http://donjon.bin.sh/scifi/world/index.cgi

except with more freedom.

2010-Sep-18, 04:31 AM
If you want photorealistic images, maybe http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen/tgd/index.shtml

If you want a web-based map generator with some basic physical planetary models (and you don't find what you want here), maybe ask

2010-Sep-18, 04:33 AM
Ha, funny, one of the first topics there..

2010-Sep-18, 05:09 AM
Well maybe something good enough like this http://donjon.bin.sh/scifi/world/index.cgi like I said in my other post, of course I know there is one one here on the net but I just can't find it anywhere that is why I'm turning to you guys for help on this :P

Anyways the reason why I'm asking about this is because I already started on my Time Travel RP on http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=71507

About the discovery of an alien artifact in a fictional star system called the Sandail System, which has a plethora of planets some planets actually have water on it and life but no intelligent life except the main planet sandail which used to be inhabited by 14.5 billion people called the Dreigons which look exactly like humans except more intelligent and they can live longer. But after an accident where a swarm of nano-bots were released on the planet eating everything up so the scientists of Sandail decided to shut off the magnetic filled thus killing 14.5 people and killing all the nano-bots. 304 years later our present time 2314 S.E. Sandail time a series of 8 different alien groups now inhabit the planet Sandail ranging from the Dreigons, Post humans, and Wraiths.
The planet now is nothing but a giant desert with intense heat and radiation coming from the sun since the magnetic field is still recovering , at the moment me and some other people are actually RPing in Sandails past 440 years before the present time where the technology on the planet is equivalent to Earth's technology 50 years from now. We got to there by entering some sort of time vortex opened up by this alien tech on the planet Mournhold when trying to investigate it. This is going to be one long RP since it will take place in 5 different time periods from now which is the late PMT age 1874 S.E. (Post Modern Technology) (S.E.-Science Era), to the industrial age of 1515 S.E. where everyone is using machines to generate electricity and not relying on Quells anymore, to the year 1260 S.E. to see the great grandswordsman Gustave Eugene XIII, then to the year 3750 A.E. (Ancient Era) the time of the Hahn Empire rule which is equivalent to the Great Roman Empire before the Hahn Empire went into Rebellion and was destroyed by its citizens in the year 1500 A.E., then to 57 million years into the future where the barren desert planet Sandail is a giant exotic jungle planet filled with animals, creatures, and no sentient life to harm it, plus the continents are different to.

2010-Sep-18, 05:18 AM
Well 6 different places really considering the fact that there will be another one taking place in the year 1984, 100 years after the current date we are in 1874 S.E.

2010-Sep-18, 10:09 AM
Hello, is this thing on?

2010-Sep-18, 05:18 PM
LOL of course I was just asking everyone about certain programs that would match my category of RPs.

2010-Sep-28, 08:12 PM
Maybe some of the folks at www.scifi-meshes.com could help. There are some nice graphics there to use as a base. They might be interested. A combination of this and orbiter would allow a nice virtual...Foundation

2010-Oct-03, 03:26 AM
I have some RPG world generators on my page at http://www.rogercooper.com/WorldGenerator.htm

2013-Feb-11, 04:50 PM
I wish I could help with your search, but alas I have the same problem. I am interested in this conversation because I hope to one day make a game with what you are looking for and so much more. but seeing as that is years ahead of me right now for I am only on my third month in collage I wish only to make a few contacts on how your searches go for research of my own.