View Full Version : Globe at night Limiting Magnitudes

thoth II
2010-Sep-15, 09:31 PM
a new website I found maybe others will find informative, the limiting magnitude at your city map,
no wonder I don't see much in my city:


the relavent one to click:


2010-Sep-16, 04:29 AM
Some great progress is being made with light pollution and official dark sky parks...

Many of the councils across NZ are actively involved in reducing unwanted light.

It was realized that illumination of the underbelly of cumulus clouds was a wast of money...

In a election build up its a great tool for observatories... and astronomers alike.

thoth II
2010-Sep-16, 03:28 PM

it is unfortunate that people in their push for progress totally ignored this light pollution. Humans evolved in the dark savanahhs and throughout history had dark skies. When light bulbs were invented, they didn't seem to realize they would alter their entire way of life and environment. I do not even like to run the lights in the classroom anymore, I just open up the blinds and use beautiful natural scattered sunlight. Man-made lights are very harsh and psychologically disturbing.