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2010-Sep-16, 03:11 PM
If anyone is interested in SciFi roleplaying like time travel then look at this topic I created about what me and others are roleplaying about.


It is some really neat stuff, it takes place in the year (Sandail calendar) 2314 S.E., in the Sandail system which has a plethora of planets, one in particular is Planet Sandail which was once a thriving planet:

That Link right there shows everything about it and where its located at. Basically alien technology was discovered on an outer planet orbiting a brown dwarf star called Red-X, the planet orbiting the dwarf star is called Mournhold. On that planet weird things happen like strange shifts in the fabric of time around it, odd radio signals being emitted from it, me and another player sent a team over there to investigate but they disappeared.

So I posted this about the planet:Sure but the weird thing is that one of our Temperal wave analyzers is going off the charts like mad, its not just that its also very strange because the fabric of time surrounding the planet itself is being warped like nuts!!

On the RP me and a few others went to see what was going on but some odd vortex opened up and slung us back in time by 440 years to period known as the late PMT age of planet Sandail (PMT- Post Modern Technology). When we got there trouble started to brew like for example a Borg (Those things from Star Trek) Feel into the vortex and made a base on the planet, some Wraith went into the Vortex and are now on the planet, etc.

So what does anyone think pretty cool?

2010-Sep-18, 12:37 AM
So has anyone read it yet?