View Full Version : Improvements in stereophotography

2010-Sep-23, 02:10 PM
Recently, cinema films are being shown in 3D, and the effect is remarkable. Objects appear solid, as well as parallaxing.

But I have a collection of early stereo photographs. These were taken with a double camera, exposing two films simultaneously, and need a binocular viewer to appreciate their stereoscopy. One would expect them to exhibit solidity, but the objects therein appear as if they are 2D cut-outs, with nearer ones obviously so and some parallax. No solidity. The photos in each pair are about two and half inches square, so it's not as if they lack definition.
I remember a child's toy in the 50s-60s that had similar pics on a disc, so that a series could be seen one at a time. The pics were tiny, about half an inch square, and they suffered from the same deficiency.

What has changed, to allow modern stereo pictures, especially movies, to appear so solid, while my ancestor's efforts appear so cardboard? Is it that they are movies, so that the eye/brain constructs more detail of solidity from more information?