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2010-Sep-25, 09:06 AM
Ok I have a question that I want answered if people are willing to help (Since I'm using this for an RP in another website)

Say for example that you are a Type 2 civilization and you just came upon through extensive experiments a rare form of particles and matter that doesn't exist in this universe. Lets also say that I myself or someone else was able to create and make them into weapons or bombs (Bombs mostly). What would be the consequences or effects of releasing such a thing in our universe? (Since these weird forms of matter and rare particles doesn't follow by our laws of Physics and our Universe).

2010-Sep-25, 07:05 PM
Well anyone?

Paul Beardsley
2010-Sep-25, 07:48 PM
I think your question is simply too open to invite a meaningful answer.

Imagine a scenario along the lines of this: "Suppose a homeless youth had been thrown out of his home by his family because they thought he was a talentless waster. Then suppose he painted a picture and earned a million pounds for it. How would his estranged family respond to this?"

I think there's a lot you could do with that.

But your scenario is along the lines of, "Suppose a society we know nothing about (except it's Type II) chanced upon something amazing, the limits of which we have no idea and which isn't even bound by any rules we know."

Well, it could be so dangerous it could blow up the galaxy. Or it might cause itself to be unfound. Or it might turn everybody into rock giants, or cause the dead to come back to life, or make everybody insanely rich, or cause hyperinflation, or prevent balloons from bursting, or enable cars to fly, or make bananas grow 1.2 times their usual size, or...

You need to define the scope.

Meanwhile, you might like to read Isaac Asimov's The Gods Themselves.

2010-Sep-25, 09:31 PM
Ian M Banks' "Excession" has a very advanced civilisation (The Culture) encountering something even more advanced from some elsewhere.

2010-Sep-26, 06:49 AM
The Night's Dawn Trilogy has a reasonably advanced civilisation encountering peculiar phenomena from another universe, with a wide range of consequences. It is a very common, and open-ended, trope. Almost anything could happen in these circumstances, and probably would.

2010-Sep-26, 08:05 AM
It would be kind of cool to see what the effects of such a thing happening in our known Universe but If I make a good guess it would take an advanced civilization 1000's maybe hundreds of thousands of years to accomplish something like this. Hell look outside in the night time sky in your back yard through a telescope I bet someone is bound to find some curious things in the night time sky right?

Also to note what is a galaxy halo? I've heard of the term before but I've never seen what it looks like either.

2010-Sep-26, 11:13 AM
There are three separate definitions of the galactic halo on this wiki page

1/ First is the galactic spheroid, a roughly spherical rgion of space surrounding the galaxy, thinly populated with old stars and (in the case of our own galaxy, the Milky Way) about 180 globular clusters (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globular_cluster), which are themselves mostly made up of old stars.
2/ Second is a spherical region of very thin, very hot gas known as the galactic corona (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galactic_corona). (I must admit I had never heard of this one before reading that page).
3/ Third is a theoretical halo of dark matter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_matter_halo), which can't be seen directly, but can be detected by its apparent gravity.

Note that all of these different halo phenomena are more or less spherical, but the main disk of the galaxy is more like a flat plate or thin lens in shape.

2010-Sep-26, 10:11 PM
Hmmm.... I always imagined a then halo like an angels halo lol being in the middle of a galaxy.

2010-Sep-28, 08:13 PM
I might use a portal to a weakless universe a good dump.

2010-Sep-28, 11:12 PM
The particles OP scenario could be taken as anolagous to exposed singularities: A point where all the laws of nature stop working, left open to the rest of the universe. In which case; anyhthing could happen. The entire type two civilization could be eaten by a small kitten. Every bomb set off with the extradimensional particles would do something totally random, and not bound by any law of nature. Unless you want to take the time to write a new set of laws of physics for them to follow?