View Full Version : Simultaneous Transits Across Jupiter

2010-Sep-26, 08:24 PM
Galilean satellite Io and its shadow will simultaneously transit Jupiter while Callistoís shadow partially transits during the evening of 2010 OCT 01 for the Americas. Thatíll be the early morning of OCT 02 for Europe. Callisto itself will not transit.

Iíve created two preview graphics, one as viewed from above Jupiterís north pole and the other as viewed from Earth. They can be seen by clicking http://www.curtrenz.com/astronomical then going to the page for Superior Planets.

Here are my timing predictions in CDT (UT-5) for OCT 01.

18:15:56 Io begins partial transit
18:19:37 Io begins total transit
18:32:22 Ioís shadow begins partial transit
18:35:57 Ioís shadow begins total transit
20:09:32 Callistoís shadow begins partial transit
20:29:52 Io ends total transit
20:33:33 Io ends partial transit
20:46:13 Ioís shadow ends total transit
20:50:47 Ioís shadow ends partial transit
21:17:23 Callistoís shadow ends partial transit

Descriptions and photos of these events would be welcome additions to this thread.