View Full Version : The mysteries of the media unravelled

2010-Sep-28, 12:49 PM

How to write a science article when your qualifications are a degree in media studies.

2010-Sep-28, 02:21 PM
That. Is. Brilliant!


2010-Sep-28, 02:48 PM
That. Is. Brilliant!


I concur; the written and scientifically-aimed version of the "how to" video on evening-news journalism. I've passed it on to my friend, the local papers' (yes, more than one paper) night-editor, though he's probably already seen it.

2010-Sep-28, 03:08 PM
Be sure to read the comments as well. Some of them are even better than the article.

2010-Sep-28, 08:10 PM
Best article ever.

2010-Sep-29, 12:40 PM
There's only one concept missing. "Scientists are baffled" since they haven't actually solved the problem. (or some other "mystery")
But; there's so much that this article addresses, my comment is only a drop in the bucket.

2010-Sep-29, 08:42 PM
:lol: Spot on brilliant.

2010-Sep-29, 09:07 PM
love the pic. it really tied the whole article together and made it clear that it is indeed a subject that i can relate to and affects me in a very personal way.

mike alexander
2010-Oct-04, 10:58 PM
It will be even harder now to read a popsci article without laughing aloud.
Maybe he could get a Nobel Prize for Literature.

2010-Oct-08, 04:55 PM
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