View Full Version : Gassy Sombroro Galaxy

2010-Sep-30, 02:52 AM

Based on new and archival Chandra observations of the Sombrero galaxy (M 104), we study the diffuse X-ray emission in and around its massive stellar bulge.
We measure a total intrinsic 0.3-2 keV luminosity of ~2e39 erg/s, which is comparable to the prediction by the latest galaxy formation models for disk galaxies as massive as Sombrero. However, such numerical models do not fully account for internal feedback processes, such as nuclear feedback and stellar feedback, against accretion from the intergalactic medium. On the other hand, we find no evidence for either the nucleus or the very modest star-forming activities in the disk to be a dominant heating source for the diffuse gas. ...

We argue that in Sombrero a galactic-scale subsonic outflow of hot gas continuously removes much of the "missing" energy and mass input from the bulge region. The observed density and temperature distributions of such an outflow, however, continues to pose challenges to theoretical studies.

2010-Oct-01, 04:31 PM
So it has dark jets?