View Full Version : Could a Human Mars Mission Be Funded Commercially?

2010-Oct-07, 07:10 PM
What will it take to actually get humans to Mars? The best answer is probably money. The right amount of cold, hard cash will certainly solve a lot of problems and eliminate hurdles in sending a human mission to the Red Planet. But cash-strapped federal space agencies arenít currently in the position to be able [...]

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2010-Oct-08, 01:27 AM
I'd dare say that 150B$ and 10 years would be insufficient for a F&F jaunt yet alone a commercially profittable mission and a colony. Probably closer to 20 years and a minimum of 10x the cash and that would just be the startup costs not counting the maintenance and expansion of such a colony.

2010-Oct-08, 05:00 AM
Not a colony. Round trip to Mars for a little while . ( 2 weeks ???) and blast off for Earth again. Very expensive and we are talking enough red ink to paint the planet. Small wonder it's called " the RED Planet " . I don't see any comercial effort looking at a profit going to Mars, ie
no private enterprise is doing business at a profit , nor any consortium .

2010-Oct-08, 09:40 PM
Generally agreed, but the article talks about a mission and colony for 150B$ sounds like a zubrinesk wet dream, though I admire the man's propulsion ingenuity, he's mainlining the Mars underground. We might be able to swing a 150 billion footprints and flag-planting (F&F) mission (and I think there's a low energy transfer window that gives about a 6 week on station stay - but don't hold me to it), but I just don't see any commercially viable (profittable) offset for the investment,...unless the government offers a high dollar bounty on Mars return samples and technical data,...but then its more a corporate welfare program than a commercially viable private enterprise venture.