View Full Version : Titanís Atmosphere Could Produce Building Blocks of Life

2010-Oct-07, 09:40 PM
Saturnís moon Titan has long thought to be an analog of early Earth, and a recent experiment demonstrates that amino acids and nucleotide bases — which are the basic building blocks of life on Earth Ė could very easily be under production in Titanís hazy atmosphere. ďOur intention was to figure out what goes on [...]

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2010-Oct-11, 04:28 AM
And pigs could fly.

The formation of aminoacids and their precursors in the atmosphere of Titan is an almost painfully romantic theme.

Unfortunately, we didn't find the ammonia many expected; or even the electricity to produce it in Titan's atmosphere.

So this must be romantic precursor to life theory two.

The chemistry of Titan is curious, but we need not stretch towards 'life building blocks' to be puzzled about what is going on; and putting life chemistry on the list of the least-likely scenarios. Look at the data: What is it telling us?

2010-Oct-11, 05:09 PM
And pigs could fly.

Perhaps those "pigs" were subject to variable gravity allowing them to fly :)