View Full Version : Water Ice Found on Another Asteroid

2010-Oct-08, 05:00 PM
There could be a lot more water out there than anyone thought. A second asteroid has been found to contain water ice. In April of this year, water ice and organics was found on 24 Themis, a 200-kilometer wide asteroid. Now, the two teams of researchers made that discovery have now found that asteroid 65 [...]

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2010-Oct-09, 08:47 PM
So asteroids might service not only as interesting targets all on their own, but as valuable intermediary ISRU stockpiles along the way toward other, longer-term trans-system targets!? Good to know there are lots of options. Still looking forward to the great missions of discovery we might take in the next century or two... manned voyages of exploration throughout the solar system,...ten year missions aboard mobile research bases housing hundreds of specialists, that span the system investigating multiple aspects of our solar family. That's the "star trek" of the near-term reality, no real aliens to compete with, but we've always managed to find sufficient diversity and competition amongst our selves to fill that role.